School Visit

Indonesian Animal Welfare Society conducts school visits to spread kindness towards animals and raise awareness on animal welfare issues. The materials we deliver are adjusted according to student age groups. We ensure that we deliver the best and most heartfelt messages about animals, hoping an outcome of increase compassion and care towards all kinds of animals.

Feel free to contact us directly if your school, or if you know a school that might be interested in our visits.

Stop Animal Cruelty Campaigns

Indonesian Animal Welfare Society believes that there is not place for animal cruelty. In order to achieve this vision, IAWS actively campaigns against acts of animal cruelty. To know more about our actively on going campaigns and what you can do to help, visit our "Campaign" page by clicking on the top menu.

Research and Resource Publications

Indonesian Animal Welfare Society aims to actively engage in research and study to understand more about patterns that emerge from animal welfare related issues. Indonesian Animal Welfare Society also aims to actively publish resource materials related to animal welfare. Resource materials will be used for education and school visit purposes, along with support for animal welfare issue campaigns. The research and resource publication program of IAWS opens opportunities for volunteers to contribute their knowledge and skills. For more information, visit the Volunteer page.