FINALLY FREE: Traumatised orangutan led on her journey back to the wild

AN ORANGUTAN is taking her first faltering steps to freedom after being chained up for so long her body was left bent and twisted.   Heartwarming scenes scenes show the seven-year-old ape called Amy walking hand in hand with her keeper as she begins her journey from novelty pet to a free and wild ape. […]

Animal welfare education for children in Bandung, West Java

On Sunday, 19 October, 2017, we taught children in Bandung, West Java, about the importance of animal welfare. Executive Director of Indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS), Namira Annisa, spoke to the children about loving and protecting animals. “We can not harm animals,” Namira said. Namira was accompanied by IAWS Executive Secretary, Putu Sasri.  

Civet cat coffee’s animal cruelty secrets

Animal cruelty during the production of one of the world’s priciest coffees has been exposed by a BBC investigation. Kopi luwak is made from coffee beans excreted by Indonesian palm civets – small, mongoose-like creatures. But undercover reporters in Indonesia witnessed civets held in battery-cage conditions to produce the coffee. And experts say they are […]

Indonesian travelling shows where dolphins perform in the name of education

JAKARTA: Brama and Kumbara swim side by side in their little home, a murky plastic pool full of chlorinated water. The two bottlenose dolphins seem agitated ahead of the show in which they are a headline act; it involves performing the same maneuvers they have done thousands of times. These are two of the last […]

Indonesia Banned Its Cruel Dolphin Circuses. So Why Did I Find One On The Outskirts of Surabaya?

The large blue tent sat in a dirt lot in Sidoarjo, a district on the outskirts of Indonesia’s second-largest city, Surabaya. An image of a child playing basketball with a dolphin was printed on the outside. A bear rode a tricycle in another image nearby. The air smelled of sewage and was full of flies that […]

Two Indonesian soldiers found to be smuggling dozens of porcupines

PADANG, Indonesia — Two soldiers were caught trying to smuggle dozens of Malayan porcupines (Hystrix brachyura) across provincial borders, the latest arrest of a military officer for wildlife trafficking. The porcupines are prized for the bezoar stones that form in their stomachs, a component in traditional Chinese medicine thought to cure a range of ailments, […]