IAWS visit to the President of Indonesia’s office

On Monday, 18 December 2017, Indonesian Animal Welfare Society, along with Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, IAR Indonesia, and Planet Indonesia visited the President’s office for a meeting with President staff Deputy 2. The Deputy 2 staff is responsible for managing social, cultural and ecological issues in Indonesia.  The members of the President’s staff that were in the meeting were Ageng Suryo Nugroho and Tiur Atmomihardjo. From IAWS team, our executive secretary, Putu Sasri and our communications officer, Nabila Fatma, attended.

The lack of ethical treatment towards animals,  low standards of animal welfare in zoos, high levels of illegal wildlife trade, along with continuous animal habitat destruction, has made Indonesia’s animal welfare and conservation issues a national and international concern. Issues that have been under scrutiny include the exposure of starving bears in Bandung Zoo, high levels of the illegal pet trade, and also the recent issue of dog and wild boar fights. The latter has been recently banned in the country. These exposures, as well as the hard work of NGOs that continue to advocate for animal rights, and stop animal cruelty, has resulted in a response from the President’s office. An invitation to openly discuss these issues, and potentially find a solution.

Many issues regarding animal welfare and illegal wildlife trade were discussed in this meeting. The meeting focused on the importance of ending the cruelty and exploitation of animals in Indonesia. Animal welfare issues focused on animals performing in circuses and shows, animal fights, along with the importance of increasing welfare standards for zoos in Indonesia. Conservation issues were also raised, such as importance to increase conservation efforts to protect the highly endangered orangutans, and also the highly traded slow loris.

The President’s staff has promised to assist NGOs as much as they can to communicate the concerns and animal welfare issues to relevant ministries and other state institutions responsible. Discussions and negotiations between NGO and the government to result in significant actions is hoped to continue and head towards a promising direction for animal welfare.

Meeting at the President’s office


President Staff Deputy 2 and IAWS team alongside IAR Indonesia, Planet Indonesia, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group


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    Whoa lots of excellent facts.

  • its about time something is getting done, no animal should have to live in bad conditions set them free if you cannot manage to give them a beautiful home

  • Dean Francois says:

    Please do the right thing, thank you for your time.

  • sam wells says:

    samfwells@yahoo.co.ukWe need to start looking after the world and its animals as we are the ones he got in this terrible state

  • Barbara Federman says:

    I am glad that some progress is being made, but my concerns still linger. What will happen at the Bandung Zoo to help the animals there? How can the poaching of wild animals be stopped so these animal groups can multiply towards their regular numbers. Please do your best to save these precious animals.

  • Good…at this is a step in the right direction.

  • Jperetti says:

    This needs to be addressed faster than what is happening. This matter is of high importance. These creatures are suffering too long.

  • Marcia Goodrum says:

    How can we find out more about what actions the government takes going forward?

  • Lola L. Schiefelbein says:

    Tourists are more likely to increase in numbers, viewing things that leave a lasting impression, rather than a sad and cruel one. Positive animal welfare is the wave of the future–and the right thing to do!

  • Lani Annesley says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you guys have been doing for animal welfare in Indonesia 😀 I will be supporting you all!

  • Linda Badham says:


  • Pamela Engelander says:

    A step in the right direction for the welfare of animals in Indonesia. Well done. From little things big things grow.

  • Sheila says:

    Every step is a step in the right direction for a better life for these animals. Well done.

  • Jessica says:

    It is very important to start discussion as the first step, we will provide more support to Indonesia animal welfare society!

  • Georgina says:

    I am so happy these issues are being discussed but I would be much happier if there would be specific solutions found and necessary steps taken to help these poor animals, educate people and apply new legislation in order to protect this beautiful country’s natural treasures and environment. I really want to believe this is one of many steps towards better and dignified future.

  • louis gauci says:

    Attention should also be given to the farm animals. They also deserve the protection from abuses and cruelty.

  • We are all really hoping and praying that these people will work closely with these animal welfare organization groups to give these poor animals the help, and nutrition, and enrich that these animals need and are so deserving of.

  • Daniel Pruitt says:

    Please do the right thing and shut down the Banding Zoo. These animals deserve to be placed in a proper sanctuary and provided a good life for their remaining days to make up for years of unconscionable suffering.

    Thank You

  • Ally Jones says:


  • KAtherine says:

    Great work! Keep up your efforts!

  • t. butler says:

    Lack of laws and implementation of any existing laws are a disgrace in the 21st century. The world is watching and NOT with approval. Many people boycott countries like yours because of the reported nationwide cruelty

  • Joelle says:

    Please make animal welfare a priority!!!

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