Elephant riding is a very common attraction in Indonesia. There are still many zoos and safari parks which rely on elephant rides to generate income. But there is overwhelming evidence that this form of attraction amounts to cruel treatment, harmful to elephants. indonesia Animal Welfare Society (IAWS) is calling for an end to elephant riding.

Elephants are often exploited from morning till afternoon, forced to carry visitors around the areas of the zoo. These poor elephants must work, giving rides to those who will pay and have fun at their expense. When the show is over, their legs are chained, until the next ride.

Look at the bullhook used to control this elephant. The bullhook has long been associated with abuse of elephants, and its use has been banned in some countries. These gentle animals receive blows on their heads and suffer so that humans can be entertained.

And there are several TripAdvisor pages promoting ‘elephant riding’ in Indonesia

Positive reviews of elephant rides published by TripAdvisor legitimise this attraction and ensure continuing demand for elephant rides.

Please sign and share. Tell Tripadvisor to stop promoting elephant rides in Indonesia:



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  • Marcia Goodrum says:

    This is cruel and unnecessary of you care about the life of elephants.

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